DC Comics reviews 5/16/18

Damage #5

damage 5

Damage #5 was another fun engaging installment of one of the more promising New Age of Heroes titles with one somewhat disturbing trend.

Diogenes Neves handles the art this issue and it’s slightly disappointing that the title has its third artist in five issues. Ideally, DC could keep the same artist on a title especially for newer books, which are just starting to build an audience. Changing up the visual style every issue isn’t a great way to establish continuity. Not that Neves’ art is bad, but his take on Damage isn’t as strong or detailed as Tony Daniel’s version.

Writer Robert Venditti has done a commendable job of incorporating Damage into the greater DC Universe in an organic manner.

Venditti peels back more of Damage’s backstory as Ethan attempts to escape Poison Ivy’s clutches and gain some measure of control over his monstrous alter ego. This issue reveals a sensible connection to another DC character who has yet to appear in the Rebirth era as well as a surprising ally for Poison Ivy.

I’m liking where this comic is going so far and once Damage gets a regular artist it’s going to settle into becoming one of DC’s strongest new titles.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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