DC Comics reviews 5/16/18

Green Lanterns #47

Ghost of the Past wrapped this issue and with its resolution comes a potential landmark moment for Jessica Cruz. The payoff is going to be important here for writer Tim Seeley. If he takes the character in this new direction there’s a lot of potentially interesting directions he can take Cruz. It seems like after this arc she has to undergo some substantial changes and the greatest trick will be fully fleshing out that path.

This issue finds Baz and Cruz battling through her most traumatic ordeal — the murder of her friends on a camping trip. That’s always made for an interesting two-part origin for Cruz as she doesn’t instantly become a Green Lantern following that experience. While Baz tries to help Cruz from succumbing to her darkest impulse, John Constantine and the Justice League try to help their Lantern allies against Singularity Jain.

V Ken Marion’s artwork is decent here though a bit of a step back from last issue. The characters looked a little too slight and lacked that heroic portrayal and some of the facial expressions were a little soft as well.

Seeley is continuing to expand upon the bond of Baz and Cruz, which comes at an important time as the Guardians make a decision that will pose their greatest challenge yet. And who they send to dispatch that ruling makes for a very interesting next issue. Green Lanterns isn’t quite back up to that perch where it was slowly becoming one of Rebirth’s most improved titles, but it still makes for a solid and worthwhile read.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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