DC Comics reviews 5/16/18

New Challengers #1

new challengers 1

With all the excitement over No Justice, don’t let this other team book go unnoticed as this already looks like a strong contender as one of DC’s most promising new titles.

Scott Snyder teams with Aaron Gillespie for this revamped look at one of DC’s classic teams — the Challengers of the Unknown. This take is different enough from previous versions to warrant the update. Snyder & Gillespie immediately start setting up some tantalizing questions and an intriguing mystery. Not all of them need to be answered right away, but hopefully it won’t be a slow trickle of revelations.

Four strangers are transported from the brink of death and learn they’ve been selected to join an elite organization. As the four soon discover, participation isn’t voluntary and failure to comply has major consequences. The selections prove interesting and there’s at least one team member with a connection to Nightwing and an overall link from the events in Dark Nights Metal.

Proving DC has high hopes for the book as Andy Kubert is working on the title. Kubert is a top tier artist and he is a great choice to handle the larger than life scenarios Snyder and Gillespie work up. He’s solicited for at least the first three issues, which is a great plus for the title.

New Challengers was a very nice surprise. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here and if future installments will be as shocking and unpredictable. For now this was a very solid start.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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