Arrowverse gets shaken up in new CW Fall lineup

The CW is making some major changes to the Arrowverse for its Fall 2018 lineup.

Supergirl flies off to the 8 p.m. slot on Sunday nights after leading off the Arrowverse on Mondays for the past two seasons. The CW experimented with breaking up Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow’s third seasons with both having the Monday 8 p.m. slot for a string of weeks. That proved mildly disastrous for Supergirl as it averaged 1.96 million viewers before LOT replaced it and now is at 1.59 million viewers since returning April 16. The real question is can Supergirl survive the onslaught of Sunday Night Football to thrive in its new time slot?

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stays at the Monday 8 p.m. slot for good after alternating the time with Supergirl this season. Without The Flash as its lead-in, Legends saw a slight decrease in its new time slot dropping from 1.66 million viewers on Tuesday to 1.33 million viewers after coming to Mondays.


Arrow is moving once again and it will follow Legends at 9 p.m. on Mondays. For Arrow, this marks the third different day in seven seasons. Arrow originally kicked off the Arrowverse at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays before moving to the 9 p.m. Thursday slot. Moving Arrow to Thursdays proved costly as it averaged 1.75 million viewers last year compared to 1.26 million in its new time slot. The later Monday slot could help, but this is the first time Arrow will regularly be following another comic book show.

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The Flash retains its 8 p.m. Tuesday spot and will be followed by Black Lightning at 9 p.m. Flash has seen a sizable ratings drop from 2.84 million last year to 2.21 million viewers this year. Of all The CW shows, I’m betting the overall quality of the season was the biggest contributor to the lower ratings.


Despite The Flash’s issues, Black Lighting benefited from the lead-in as it earned a steady 1.73 million viewers.

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I’m still not entirely sure giving the five shows its own day of the week isn’t a better strategy. That seemed to work out just fine when it was just Arrow, The Flash and Legends. Stacking superhero shows back to back for consecutive days seems like a good way to create audience burnout.

What do you think? Are you excited about this change or think the CW should rearrange the lineup in a different way?

Photo Credit: The CW