Image Comics reviews for the week of 5-16-18

For 5-16-18, Image Comics delivers another high quality edition of Gideon Falls, an action packed issue of Kick-Ass and more. Check out the reviews here.

Gideon Falls #3

Kick-Ass #4


Gideon Falls #3

gideon falls 3

Gideon Falls continues to be one of the more unnerving and intoxicating books on the market. There’s this constant sense of dread on seemingly every page and that notion that when the other shoe drops it’s gonna be a doozy.

Writer Jeff Lemire is telling an intricate, slower paced story, but issue 3 hardly feels like the story is dragging. If anything it just ramps up the tension.

Father Fred has been acquitted of any wrongdoing, but he’s been sucked into the mystery of what happened to his predecessor Father Tom. Norton, meanwhile, is fortifying his lab after a theft and gets an unexpected visitor.

Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork is the other essential component of the issue and I’m not sure this would be nearly as effective with other artists.

Sorrentino is such a skilled storyteller that there’s no need for flashy layouts or gimmicky pages. Sorrentino sets up some very clever transitions that take the focus to the other character seamlessly.

Gideon Falls #3 delivers once again. This is a title that’s a tremendous monthly read, but might be even better in trade format to avoid having to wait on the next issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Kick-Ass #4

kick ass 4

Kick-Ass #4 finds Patience in a bad way. She’s surrounded by gangsters who were planning to take out a police officer. Now she’s caught in the crosshairs and has to rely on all her cunning to escape.

Writer Mark Millar doesn’t make this easy for Patience. In a rarity for comic books, Patience doesn’t make one smart move and turn the tide. She’s gotta work for it and Millar let’s her play out various painful options before finding success. I loved seeing the hero have to be incredibly resourceful — and lucky — to escape a nearly impossible situation.

John Romita Jr’s art is solid for the most part outside of one panel at a pivotal point that’s hard to completely make out. Sometimes those panels are the price to pay for his frenetic and lively pages. And with such an action packed issue, Romita gets a lot of opportunities to deliver some chaotic pages.

Kick-Ass 4 is light on story, but delivers the kind of action you’d expect from the title regardless who’s under the mask.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10