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DC Essentials adds Shazam! and Black Adam to the lineup

It’s clear that DC Collectibles took to heart some valuable lessons from DC Icons’ failures. Among the biggest is releasing heroes and their main villain around the same time. I’m pretty excited with this official release of the upcoming DC Essentials Shazam! and Black Adam.

The figures basically look to be on the same body, which is fine. I like the look more on Black Adam than Shazam (cough Captain Marvel cough). I wish Shazam retained more of his classic look with the one shoulder half cape style. It helped make him stand out so much more from Superman that way.

This set will be coming out in January so it’s plenty of time to set aside $45. I’m not sure if these figures warrant a $2.50 markup from Marvel Legends, which come with accessories and a Build A Figure piece, but I’m going to give Essentials a shot.

dc essentials shazam and black adam

So far with the pairings we’ve got Batman vs Deathstroke, Superman vs. Brainiac, The Flash vs. Reverse Flash and Aquaman vs. Black Manta.

That’s the smart way to go with this line and ensures we won’t have another situation like DC Icons where I’ve got a Black Adam figure, but no Shazam to match up with him.

What do you think of this set? Willing to give it a shot or taking a wait and see approach?

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles