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Funko Pop! Masters of the Universe Stratos figure review No. 567

As much as I loved the expansion of the Masters of the Universe, I’ve got a soft spot for the originals. That blend of superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy was fully realized right from the onset. Due to his color scheme and being the rare character that could fly, I gravitated to Stratos immediately. This was a bird man who didn’t need humongous wings to fly. And he’s got such a great design.

When I started grabbing Funko Pop! figures, Stratos was one of my first picks. I’m glad to see this figure didn’t crash and burn with my expectations.

Packaging: Naturally for the Masters of the Universe line it makes sense to work in Castle Greyskull into the packaging at some point. It’s used as accents along the bottom and left side and prominently positioned on the back along with the rest of this wave. That’s a lot of MOTU Funko Pop! figures I need to add to the collection.

Likeness:  What’s really sucked me in to getting this brand is the crazy amount of detail in the small scale. All of the signature elements I think of with Stratos from the feathered goggles, the arm wings, flight harness and traditional MOTU belt and shorts are all there.

funko pop! stratos figure review -hitting the clouds

On closer inspection, Funko even incorporated finer details like the furry chest and feathered ankles. That’s quality work at this scale.


Paint: Stratos is mostly good in this category. The glossy paint used on the goggles is really nicely done, but there’s some areas where the blue from the mask crept over. And some of the wing band isn’t completely colored blue. This is me being real fussy as these aren’t big issues at all.

Articulation: Just the standard neck articulation here although it’d be pretty cool to have Stratos be able to lift his arms up to aid in some flight poses.

Worth it?  I grabbed Stratos for $8 at Toys R Us. They’re clearing out Pops! at a pretty decent rate so keep your eyes open for some good deals.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Stratos was one of those figures that had me convinced I need to get into this line. Having the figure in hand makes me sure I made the right call.

funko pop! stratos figure review -with mattel classics stratos

Where to Get It?  Check Toys R Us as they’re clearing out their shipments. You could still get lucky. You can also get him now from