Hit-Girl #4 review

Hit-Girl’s Colombian adventure comes to a close with Hit-Girl #4, an issue that goes heavy on the violence and justice served. It’s the unapologetic over the top finale this arc deserves and then some.

Writer Mark Millar has never been too big on restraint and he fully lets loose this issue. Mindy eviscerates, decapitates and even pulls out a garbage truck. The mayhem is on full display as Mindy and her reluctant ally, Mano, finish what she started. But what makes Hit-Girl #4 truly work is that beyond all the guts and gore, Millar works in some nice themes of vengeance and redemption. While Mindy is all about the rah rah murder death kill (for the most part), other characters truly have to examine themselves on a deeper level.

And despite her psychotic tendencies, Mindy does have a warmer, caring side that eventually surfaces — after all the killing of course.


On a few pages, artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz seems overwhelmed by the mayhem. Some of the panels are a bit hard to decipher what’s going on and are unclear.

In fairness, he’s asked to bring a lot of carnage to the page. Ortiz has a more free flowing style that works with the constant sense of motion in such an action crammed comic so it feels more like you’re in the middle of the mayhem instead of just reading it.

Hit-Girl #4 proved a road trip to Colombia is anything but dull for our favorite teen assassin. Mindy’s next road trip is taking her to a much colder climate, but knowing Hit-Girl, she’s bound to make it explosive all the same.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics