DC Comics reviews for 5/23/18

The Terrifics #4

the terrifics 5

It’s rare when a team can so easily capture the magic of the classic Justice League International and it looks like The Terrifics just might be that group no bwahahah about it.

The obvious inspiration for The Terrifics is the Fantastic Four, but writer Jeff Lemire started to work in some of the chemistry and team dynamics that made JLI so much fun.

This issue finds the team traveling to Phantom Girl’s planet, but those plans get interrupted by a crew of bandits.
Terrifics is at its best with the characters playing against each other, though I’m worried Lemire is following the FF trail too closely with Mr. Terrific and Metamorpho.

Like a lot of the New Age of Heroes titles, keeping a regular art team has been a challenge. Hopefully Doc Shaner will be sticking around for awhile as his Silver Age style pencils give an already throwback feeling title an extra classic vibe.

The Terrifics has been a lot of fun and remains one of the books I’m most excited about reading whenever a new installment drops.

Rating: 9 out of 10