The Flash: We Are the Flash review S4 E23

We Are the Flash happened and Season 4 is in the books. And thankfully finally over. Not that this season was a total wreck, but it’s one I’m pretty confident I won’t be revisiting.

Looking back this season played out a little too close to Arrow Season 4. Both went heavy on the comedy, focused on a relatively new hero learning the ropes and ultimately getting killed and an overpowering bad guy that required some significant shenanigans to defeat.

Thanks to the strength of Iris’ blog posts, city officials are giving Barry his job back. Mind you, the sight of a not so murdered DeVoe rolling into the courtroom wasn’t enough, but the very biased reporting of Barry’s wife turned the tide???

the flash we are the flash review - cisco, marlize and iris

Luke Skywalker arrives at STAR Labs convinced there’s still some good in DeVoe. It just seemed like a few episodes when Marlize wanted nothing to do with him. Now he’s still a good man somewhere?

Once again playing off the Cecile Cheat Code, Marlize creates a mental link between Barry and Cecile, who also has to hold back from going into labor. I was hoping the show would go full derivative and have a purple butterfly around Cecile’s face.


In DeVoe’s head, Barry has no need to wear his mask…or costume for that matter. While he can’t find Good DeVoe, he does find Ralph. DeVoe has to keep him running around in his head otherwise Ralph will regain control and take back his body. This was some shaky logic and very un-DeVoe-esque since he’s always accounted for contingencies like this, which is why he went full The Matrix Reloaded with his army of DeVoes…complete with rainy showdown.

This fight scene was fine enough although the CGI didn’t look a lot better than a film that was made 15 years ago. While that seemed like the end of DeVoe he had one more trick left in his magic chair — an accelerated descent for the STAR Labs satellite. I love that Barry is so clueless that he needed Iris to tell him to stop the satellite from wiping out Central City. Sometimes it’d be nice to see Barry take some heroic initiative on his own instead of being told what to do like running.

the flash we are the flash review - the thinker

But as fast as he is, Barry can’t manage it himself. After an unexplained rewind sequence, he tries it again and this time get gets some help from a purple blur. Serious, but not so serious question. If Barry just needed a little speedster help, did he lose Wally or Jesse’s number? I almost fell out of my chair when Barry mentioned calling Kara or Oliver to help. Kara yes, but Oliver could do jack and little else against DeVoe. Did he see the highlights of his fights with Damien Darhk? Heck, after he finished giving Kara a pep talk, Mon-El might have actually have been of some use here too.

Mission accomplished. Great job guys. We Are the Flash indeed. But, I’m gonna be that guy who questioned why Team Flash thinks the same DeVoe who’d gone digital is now done because his wife pulled the plug on his hover chair? Baby, he’s like a virus — he’s worldwide.


Despite saying the opposite earlier, Marlize has a device to fix Harry’s mind…or at least most of it. Hey, at least Harry is tapped in to his emotional intelligence and is going back to his Earth…until sometime Season 5. That’s the problem with so many Wells coming and going. It’s hard to take what seemed like a farewell to Tom Cavanagh seriously.

Without a doubt my favorite moment this episode was when Iris thought Harry and Cisco were quoting Star Wars and Barry gave her this ‘I just can’t with you right now’ look.

It’s time to welcome Cecile and her baby girl back home! It was nice to see Wally show up though his statement left me a little confused. Is he back next season or returning to Legends? I am once again gonna ask where is Cecile’s daughter?? And are we really going to have the season wrap up with no resolution to the Killer Frost subplot? Interesting.

the flash we are the flash review - caitlin, cecile and joe

There’s a knock on the door and the girl who’s been everywhere shows up. After a little hey, I recognize her, the girl introduces herself as Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora. Everyone shocked at this reveal clearly forgot Nora’s first appearance at the wedding. There’s no way she was going to act that goofy and awkward for anyone else. Looks like she’s a chip off the old block as she’s convinced she’s messed up. What? Travel through time and interact with your parents? Turn back time to help your dad stop a falling satellite? Oooh, oooh! Create a new Flashpoint where Oliver has a goatee, Supergirl can admit her faults and Prometheus isn’t dead?

That’s a solid cliffhanger. Typically shows get a little silly when they start introducing kids (Arrow Season 6 cough cough), but with this setup that doesn’t have to be the case.

File Closed: We Are the Flash sensibly wrapped the season even though it lacked much long-term drama and excitement.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW