Hasbro reveals new Solo figures – Val, LC-37 and Enfys Nest

While it didn’t shatter box office records, I really liked Solo: A Star Wars Story. Hasbro has done some really incredible work with the initial round of Solo figures and the new releases looks to continue that trend with today’s reveals.

First up is Thandie Newton’s Val, which is one of the few black female characters in the Star Wars universe. At least with a speaking role. That’s crazy when you think about it. I won’t go into spoilers just yet, but I’m glad to get a Val figure.

I wasn’t as big a fan as most of LC-37 probably because she was so argumentative and snippy with Lando, one of my favorites. The figures looks pretty nice though and I imagine it will prove popular with collectors.


Hasbro has also improved its Deluxe Black Series game with some very nice recent offerings. Add Enfys Nest to that list as this figure and speeder combination looks very good.

Hasbro also added some more Solo figures in the Galactic Heroes and 3 3/4 line as well. I’m probably not going to get those, but it’s solid options for folks buying them for their children or just simply like the smaller format.

Photo Credit: Hasbro