WWE Defining Moments Chris Jericho figure review

Occasionally as collectors we make the mistake of viewing companies as our friends. Those kind of pals who are always looking out for our best interest instead of largely focusing on their bottom line. When those lines get blurred it can result in some hurt feelings of disappointment. How could our buddies try to pull this on us? It’s not like they don’t even listen anymore. One such instance is the WWE Defining Moments Chris Jericho figure.

After years of WWE collectors clamoring for an Attitude Era Chris Jericho, Mattel opted to go for one of its now patented money grab techniques and slotted Jericho in the Defining Moments line. There are some decent choices for iconic moments in Jericho’s career, but the one chosen for this set doesn’t warrant the price tag.

Honestly this would seem like a rip-off even under normal Elite prices. This was a figure I was determined to wait until it was dirt cheap to pick up as I didn’t want to keep encouraging Mattel’s overpricing for in-demand figures.

With a much better deal — more on that later — I was finally able to grab a pretty decent Attitude Era Jericho even if he’s hardly defining.

Packaging:  As much as I liked the Defining Moments package, it’s been surpassed by the presentation in other lines. Continuing with the overall theme of this figure, the package isn’t nearly as exciting as previous DMs like Macho Man, Ric Flair or even Shinsuke Nakamura.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - package bio

Mattel used Jericho’s tights pattern as the border, but it doesn’t look all that distinct. The inner tray just features pictures of Jericho, which is very different from the usual DM interior. As usual, the bio is solid even though whoever wrote it up seemed to have a bias on how Jericho beat Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - standing on base


Likeness:  This gripe is going to sound weird, but bear with me.  This figure looks like Chris Jericho, but more from 2009 than 2001. Jericho was leaner in the late 2000s and his face wasn’t as full. It looks like Mattel just used the Elite 20 Jericho figure head and added a new hairpiece.

Repurposing a head would be fine if the rest of the figure had a lot of new elements or paint demands, but this is an overall cost effective figure. Making a more time appropriate figure is the least Mattel could do and it’s not like they couldn’t make a ton of Jericho Attitude Era figures and recoup the cost.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - arms out showboat pose

That said, this head sculpt works well enough despite the exaggerated cocky smirk. Jericho is much thicker and stockier than this mid-size torso used. That’s the same issue Mattel has had with other figures like The Revival. They’re probably past the point of correcting that without wholesale changes to previous figures so they may as well be consistently wrong.

Mattel did get the important elements of Jericho’s look correct like the black wrist tape and elbow pad on the right arm. The ponytail with strands coming over the shoulders looks nice. I’m still waiting for a non-ponytail Attitude Era Jericho with the light beard.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - scale with x-pac, kurt angle, stone cold and the rock

Scale:  Jericho was shorter than most of his peers standing 5’10” and looking up at the 6’0” Kurt Angle and 6’5 The Rock. That’s captured very well with the figure.

Paint:  Here’s the other area where the figure is a bit of a letdown. Jericho’s tights had this great metallic gradient that looked so eye catching. Mattel opted for a flat design that really looks dull. Also, the lack of a light beard as shown on the package doesn’t do the likeness any favors either.

The shading of the red portions of the hair is exceptional though and one of Mattel’s best hair blends they’ve ever done. It actually looks like a dye job instead of red splattering.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - sideways pose

Articulation:  No changes from the usual Elite formula. Jericho can hit his Walls of Jericho, Lionsault and any of his moves without any problems.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - liontamer to kurt angle

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - low blow to the rock

Chris Jericho has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - c'mon baby pose on stone cold

Accessories:  With most of the Defining Moments figures, Mattel has tossed in a premium type accessory like a robe, multiple shirts or leather coats. Jericho gets two belts. If for some reason you’ve managed to avoid getting a figure with the NWA/WCW Big Gold Belt or the Eagle WWF title these are very useful.

But the likelihood of not having multiples of those titles at this stage is slim for any longtime Mattel WWE collector. If that’s the case, Jericho offers exactly nothing new. That takes another hit to his value.

Worth it?  I absolutely can’t sign off on that $25 price point. Look at the value from the Syxx Elite figure for $18 compared to this figure that’s $7 higher with less.

Honestly even the $17.20 price from Amazon seems excessive. I don’t think the value really kicks in until the $14 price or lower.

Rating: 7 out of 10

This is the difference between a highly demanded Mattel WWE figure and a long awaited Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro. Mattel does the bare minimum and charges more while Hasbro largely exceeds expectations.

wwe defining moments chris jericho figure review - shutting down the rock

Where to get it?  Go the Amazon.com route since they have him at a more reasonable rate of $13.34.