DC Comics reviews for 6/6/18

Batman Prelude to the Wedding:
Nightwing vs Hush #1

nightwing vs hush

Tim Seeley fittingly returns to Nightwing to handle this chapter of the Batman/Catwoman buildup.

I’m finding these Prelude to the Wedding Specials to kick off with a more interesting topic than Bat allies vs. Batman Rogues. This issue starts with Nightwing and Superman taking Batman out for his bachelor party. Batman’s bachelor party could easily have warranted a 48 page special with Batman pals trying to get the Dark Knight to kick back and have some fun.

Seeley probably has a far more Batman-like approach to the theme although I would have been perfectly fine with Superman, Batman and Nightwing hanging out as well. Besides, this way Seeley is able to shed some valuable insight regarding the wedding logistics — namely if it’s Batman or Bruce Wayne who will be walking down the aisle.

That’s mainly because the conflict with Hush seems so random and like a 10 page time killer. Scott Snyder brought Hush back to some level of prominence in All-Star Batman, but it’s time for a fresh take on the character.

Seeley doesn’t have much new to offer besides the same notes of Tommy Elliot being jealous of Bruce Wayne’s life and wants to ruin it. That’s Hush in a nutshell and a one off issue probably isn’t the time to add new layers to him. To help spice it up, Seeley takes a weird turn that doesn’t quite work out. Thankfully, the issue ends on a strong note with a nice conversation with Bruce and Dick and an excellent tease for next week’s special.

Artist Travis Moore does a solid job. The art didn’t blow me away, but each page was soundly crafted and I was really impressed by the exceptional expressions. Moore is able to tell a lot with the natural body language.

While the bulk of the issue is just kinda there, Seeley’s focused character work on Nightwing, Batman and Superman makes this worth getting for Batman and Superman fans.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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