DC Comics reviews for 6/6/18

Green Arrow #41

green arrow 41 cover

It’s a good time to be into Green Arrow as the book has navigated a rotating creative team setup well without missing a beat. That’s helped the book somewhat as the various writers are approaching Green Arrow from different perspectives that are working very well.

Mairghread Scott has such a good take on Oliver Queen and this issue was so much fun. Parasite has to stand transported to his trial. Recognizing the flaw in sending anyone as a guard, the Justice League asks Green Arrow to chaperone. Seeing the cover with Green Arrow facing off with Parasite seemed weird, but it made so much sense. I’m digging how DC writers are keeping Green Arrow closely linked with the Justice League even though he’s not a member. Naturally things go haywire and Green Arrow has to worry about not just Parasite breaking out of prison, but other super villains as well.

Scott certainly has Green Arrow’s voice down and his confident, yet honest take on how he stacks up next to his fellow heroes. I really liked how Scott didn’t have Oliver whining about his lack of powers, but wasn’t oblivious to his skill set either.

Matthew Clark has always been a solid artist and it was great to see his work. At times some of the pages had a little too much going on in the background or layouts, but it’s really hard to complain about an artist packing in too much content. Sean Parsons’ inks and Jason Wright’s colors beautifully wrapped the graphic component. This was a very nice looking issue.

I’m looking forward to the Bensons sisters’ run on Green Arrow, but if this issue was any indication, hopefully Scott has more opportunities to write more of the character in the future. And with DC in general.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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