The Magic Order #1 review – no tricks here

Every so often there comes a book I don’t see coming and it totally blows me away. This month that’s definitely Mark Millar and Oliver Coipel’s latest collaboration, The Magic Order #1. I was hooked midway through and by the end of the issue, I was already impatiently waiting the next installment.

Millar is tackling a different subject matter than his norm with magic. He largely leaves the hyper violence behind as well in exploring this secret society of magicians who have been keeping the world safe. Leading the charge is Leonard Moonstone. For generations, the Moonstone family has helped protect the planet. Leonard can’t fully turn over the family business as his daughter, Cordelia, is a drunk. His son, Gabriel, wants nothing to do with that life after a family tragedy. At least, Leonard can rely on his son Regan, who is dutifully carrying on the tradition.

the magic order #1 interior art

It’s just one issue in, but I’m really getting a Godfather vibe here with Regan being Sonny Corleone. Cordelia might be Fredo and Gabriel certainly gives off the Michael impression. Actually, with Leonard, this analogy seems to fit better and better especially with a rival clan of magicians starting to assert itself by taking out key Moonstone allies.

I wasn’t ready for Millar’s level of creativity here with the various ways the Moonstone allies get killed and what that could mean for future issues. There’s so much potential here and Magic Order #1 just teases how incredible this series could be.


To further tip the scales, adding Coipel almost seems unfair. Coipel’s art has always been incredible. He’s an artist who never has an off issue and he’s such a phenomenal storyteller. I could already see exactly how this issue could be translated to a TV series. Millar’s Millarverse is locked up in a deal with Netflix and there’s no way this wouldn’t be a killer TV show.

The bad news? Magic Order is a six-issue limited series. But I’ll just have to take what I can get. The Magic Order #1 completely shattered my expectations and is a book you absolutely can’t miss this week. This was tremendously entertaining.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics and Netflix