Fear the Walking Dead: What’s Your Story review S4 E1

Let’s be excessively polite and call me a lapsed Fear the Walking Dead viewer. I hated the characters, their questionable decisions and their knack for making everything terrible for everyone around them. Still, with Morgan rolling onto the show, I was at least curious enough to give it another look. What’s Your Story might be a fluke by the time the season is done, but I’m intrigued enough to tune in to the next episode. Mission accomplished?

I loved the way this episode was shot. There was a warm grey/sepia, which gave the episode a very different look than anything on The Walking Dead. This past season it felt like too many directors tried to get too artsy. One episode into FTWD and we’ve already got a far more successful attempt.

In his classic I don’t wanna be lonely no more stance, Morgan has already managed to make a friend. A gunslinger with a vintage pistol named John (Garrett Dillahunt). But they’re being held at gunpoint when a woman named Althea (Maggic Grace) rescues them in her fully loaded SWAT truck.

fear the walking dead what's your story - john and morgan

This was a strong opening sequence and definitely helped establish a simple jumping on point for the series. Althea wasn’t in law enforcement and is a journalist looking to chronicle people’s tales in the new reality. What;s Your Story doesn’t make for a bad name for a walker survivor series. Now if only Althea can dig up some DVD burning equipment she’ll have the highest rated show in Walker World.

Morgan is being completely pissy for no good reason and won’t oblige Althea with a story for the camera. John is happy to share his quest to reunite with Laura, who could legit be his dog for all we know. In a somewhat trademark FTWD lousy decision move, Althea hadn’t gotten far enough away from the bandits who had John and Morgan.


This leads to a pretty sensibly laid out action scene with Althea battling the head goon to arm the SWAT truck, John taking out guys old school and Morgan hopping on rooftops to knock out the sniper. I was fine with him getting shot in the leg as Morgan isn’t a ninja and shouldn’t be able to dodge bullets.

fear the walking dead what's your story -john, morgan and walkers

The use of the walkers here was clever with John releasing them from a closed off building and even a rattlesnake getting into the mix. Despite the team-up, Morgan is still reluctant to partner up saying he loses people and then loses himself. Granted, that’s always been his MO, but it’s time to make some changes buddy. Besides, Althea has a machine gun packed SWAT truck!

I liked this trio maybe largely because there was no enabling mom and reckless son screwing up everything. I’m shocked Althea has made it this long as she stops for a crying girl in the middle of the road. It’s Alicia along with Strand, Nick and Luciana, they’ve suckered them into an ambush.

Althea isn’t too worked up though and has one simple question — what’s your story?

fear the walking dead what's your story -strand, althea and alicia

This was a very strong crossover entry point. I like Morgan enough to care what happens to him and at least this first episode set up a fresh dynamic for the season. I’m interested now so hopefully Madison and company don’t ruin all the fun.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC