Funko Pop Cyclops figure review

Since I decided to get into Funko Pop figures, there was no way I wasn’t getting my favorite X-Men quickly. Let’s see how the Funko Pop! Cyclops figure stacks up or if he needs replacing by a younger, less interesting model.


Packaging:  It’s the standard Pop! Package presentation. I’m not the biggest fan of the yellow accents especially since Cyclops was the leader of the blue team, but that’s a small quibble. For an even geekier one, let’s Comic Book Guy gripe about the 90s era squad with the 80s John Byrne comic art.


Likeness:  There’s no complaints about the sculpting though. I love that Funko doesn’t leave detailing up to the paint job Funko sculpted all of the panels and straps in the Lee version attire.

funko pop cyclops figure review - front

That’s what really makes me appreciate this line. There’s so many obvious ways they could shortcut things, but Cyke gets as much as love as if he were a 6-inch or 12-inch figure from other companies.

I was surprised by the bobblehead feature since none of the Pops I’d opened up before had that feature. I kinda like it though as I’m imagining he’s about to fire off an optic blast at any second.

Paint:  I wish Funko could have done a better job of matching the yellow chest strap with the rest of the yellow throughout. It looks like a case of the chest strap being cast in blue and then the yellow painted after. Since yellow is a notoriously difficult color to blend properly we get the yellow blue hue.

The fine detail work like the X on the chest strap and belt is perfect, which makes it strange that the more obvious red in the visor isn’t painted properly. There’s also some slop in the hairline. Considering there’s so few essential things for each Pop! figure, good paint is important so this was disappointing.

funko pop cyclops figure review - right side

Worth it?  I nabbed the Funko Pop! Cyclops for $15 at Awesome Con 2018. Considering his prices on the secondary market, that was a major win.  Yay Awesomecon! Barring a real sweet deal on eBay you’re likely to pay around $38 for him. Like most Funko Pop! figures, a figure is worth what you’re willing to pay for it. I’d pay it, but probably wouldn’t if he was my third favorite X-Man.

Rating:  8 out of 10

Paint issues aside, this is a fun Funko Pop! take on the Jim Lee Cyclops. Now if I can just get a Byrne version.

funko pop cyclops figure review - with marvel legends cyclops

Where to get it?  Amazon is probably the best way to go unless you time an auction just right on eBay.