Kick-Ass #5 review

It took me awhile to get into the thought of a new Kick-Ass, but I’m glad I gave this book a chance. It’s delivered a very fresh and exciting experience just from switching up who was under the mask. In Kick-Ass #5, Patience learns the true cost of being a vigilante. If anything this rebooted take on Kick-Ass keeps getting better and better with each issue.

With a relative in the hospital, Patience understands she can’t keep living this dangerous lifestyle. But she has to figure out the best game plan to leave the vigilante game and set her family up for a better future. I loved that writer Mark Millar had Patience factor in the collateral damage she’s caused along the way. That provides a fitting sense of responsibility and accountability we don’t see a lot in comics.

kick ass 5 cover

Millar seems to be having a lot of fun with this take. He’s coming up with some inspired villains and clever dialogue. One of the surprising aspects of this book has been the villains are highly competent without being wholly despicable. Kick-Ass #5 was another indication that few creators are having a better 2018 than Mark Millar.


I’m not sure if he’s mellowed out somewhat or has a better appreciation for restraint, but I’m loving Millar’s new approach to violence. Use as needed and don’t overindulge. Since Patience is a veteran, her precision tactics make a lot more sense than Dave’s undisciplined approach.

KickAss5 interior art

I wish John Romita Jr. could have made a better distinction between Patience and her sister, but that’s the biggest gripe I’ve got with his artwork. This is the smoothest it’s looked in a long time and Romita seems highly motivated here.

Kick-Ass #5 continues the sensational roll this book has been on the last few months. If you’re not reading this one yet, you’re really missing out.

Photo Credit: Image Comics