DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

Titans Special #1

titans special 1 cover

I wasn’t the biggest fan of how the Titans were treated in the waning days of their first Rebirth title. Basically, the Justice League put them on an extended time out with little fuss.

Writer Dan Abnett doesn’t gloss over those issues, but quickly establishes that while Nightwing respects them, he’s done following the Justice League’s orders.

I like the mix of characters assembled with some from the old Titans, a pair from the previous Teen Titans and a couple of new recruits. I wouldn’t knock more variety of course. Bunker was one of the better aspects of the New 52 Teen Titans and he’s been absent for awhile. And the Titans could use more men and women of color. In this case, green doesn’t count. Still, I didn’t love the notion that the Titans being childhood friends who formed a team was actually a problem.

titans special 1 interior

One of the eventual stumbling blocks from the first run was a lack of purpose. Sure it was fun recapturing the glory days of the Perez/Wolfman era, but Titans never managed to establish its own mark. Now, the team has a purpose and a mission that won’t lack for activity. Team building and bonding should remain a vital element of this next run, but fresh and credible villains are equally important.

For the special, Abnett is joined by a slew of artists including Nicola Scott, who fittingly gets to draw the Donna Troy/Troia recruitment segment. Max Raynor & Matt Santorelli, Sergio Davilla & Vincent Cifuentes and Brian Ching also contribute segments. Brandon Peterson will be handling the art on the main title so there’s no need to be concerned the art will go downhill from here.

Titans Special marked a solid soft reset of Titans. With an intriguing new combination of characters and clear threat, this title might deliver on Geoff Johns’ promise that the Titans books will do right by fans.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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