DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

Wonder Woman #48

wonder woman 48 coverThe Dark Gods has proven to be another strong arc under James Robinson’s run. Three of them have awakened and are starting to carry out their plan and with Wonder Woman vanished, it’s up to Jason to stop them.

Jason has become a worthwhile supporting character. He’s self depreciating and freely admits he’s out of his league. That’s a rarity among the superhero set and it’s nice to see a hero in training working alongside someone like Wonder Woman. Initially, I was a little annoyed at the idea of another guy ‘taking’ screen time from Wonder Woman, but Jason has been a welcome addition to the cast.

Robinson has a bit of a running joke this issue as Jason keeps getting help from other superheroes only for the situation to keep getting worse. I’d forgotten how adept Robinson was with a team dynamic, but this was a nice reminder.

Jesus Merino steps in to handle the art this issue and he’s not a bad option. Merino’s pages are solid though Romulo Fajardo’s colors make them seem somewhat muted.

The Dark Gods hasn’t disappointed yet and Robinson has a strong story going right now making for a good jumping on point for lapsed fans.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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