DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

Man of Steel #3

man of steel 3

Brian Michael Bendis gets Superman. He understands what makes him tick, what makes him special and what makes him Superman. That’s been the biggest and most welcome revelation of Man of Steel thus far.

The arson subplot is proving pretty compelling and I wish Bendis shed more light on the Daily Planet subplot. He also didn’t offer much more insight into Lois and Jon’s whereabouts, which wouldn’t be so frustrating if it wasn’t limited to one page this issue.

We did get another unexpected cameo and one that was spoiled thanks to the title credits. For the sake of surprises for any Superman and family cameos, DC might be better served saving the credits for the final page. On the positive front, Bendis does a good job with Superman’s dynamic with these characters as well.

Ryan Sook picks up the artist baton this issue and does some really great work. Like Doc Shaner, Sook is at his best with uncluttered and streamlined panels. This was easily the smartest artist transition of the series as the two complement each other nicely.

The big question is if Bendis can pull off this new villain he’s introduced. Based off this issue, Rogol Zaar just comes off like a low-rent Doomsday clone with an appetite for destruction of all things Krypton. Granted, this issue served as a teaser for the big conflict so Zaar could ultimately impress, but that will be the biggest challenge of Man of Steel.

For now, this was another solid issue on a series that so far hasn’t disappointed.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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