DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

Mister Miracle #9

mister miracle 9

Mister Miracle and his top aides come to the negotiating table seeking to broker a truce with Kalibak’s forces.

Writer Tom King has done his homework as there’s some very unexpected cameos from various members of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. As always, King is all about subverting expectations. Of all the New Gods characters, Kalibak is hardly the one you’d expect conducting a (mostly) peaceful treaty agreement.

King’s run has been this odd and even weird take on the New Gods and at times it hasn’t made a ton of sense. As we’re going to the home stretch, the plot threads are starting to come together and there’s a big payoff at the end of this issue. I’m still not totally sure where he’s going with everything, but one major development connects everything King has been building. And it’s a doozy.

Mitch Gerads continues to make his nine panel layout a thing of majestic, beautiful art. I’ve been so impressed by his work throughout this run, but this issue really stood out. It’s the mix of colors, perspectives and that subtle way he guides the reader’s eye that makes for such tremendous storytelling. Gerads is at the top of his game and we’re fortunate to witness it o this series.

We’re just three issues away from the end of this series and if the last few pages are any indication, things are about to get a lot more interesting and dire for Mister Miracle.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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