DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

Plastic Man #1

Pre and New-52 Gail Simone has been one of the most consistent authors for DC. Bringing her back to the fold in any capacity would have been a win, but DC pulls off a big win having Simone handle Plastic Man’s first mini-series in the DC Rebirth era.
Plastic Man is a character that’s tough to handle for a lot of writers who just limit him to being a 50 jokes a minute style protagonist. Simone keeps the tone light with some expected zany Plastic Man antics, but also dives deeper to show a more serious side of Eel O’Brian as he tries to crack a murder mystery.

I didn’t have a ton of concerns with Simone’s take and I wasn’t disappointed. Eel has a fitting low end job and his atypical hero occupation and spin on superheroes gives him a unique voice in the DCU.

Adriana Melo’s pencils look fantastic. Melo captures this classic old school vibe that echoes the 50s glamor period. There’s some fun sight gags in showcasing Plas’ powers and I got the sense that Simone conceived some ideas just so Melo could come up with some wacky uses for his powers. This book definitely didn’t need heavy and moody coloring. Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick uses big and bold colors that really embrace the tone of the story and Plastic Man in general.

Hopefully, Simone will provide some insight into the series’ time frame. Currently in The Terrifics, Plastic Man is literally tied to three other characters. At first glance this series seems like it’s a Year One style story but set in the current day. For non-continuity sticklers this won’t prove to be much of an issue.

I like where this book is heading and am really excited about what’s in store next issue. DC Comics are fun again and it’s nice to see Plastic Man getting his overdue moment in the spotlight now to celebrate it.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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