DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

The Flash #48

the flash 48 cover

Joshua Williamson keeps bringing it hard on The Flash and Flash War has been incredible. We’re just two issues in, but Williamson has this arc running at full speed.

After learning a terrible secret even he forgot, Wally West will do anything to fix it including destroying the Speed Force. Naturally, this puts him in direct conflict with Barry Allen, who is all too aware of the disastrous repercussions of trying to manipulate the Speed Force. And right in the center of everything is Hunter Zolomon, whose true agenda has yet to be revealed.

Howard Porter’s artwork remains sensational. It was such a brilliant move to have one of the defining Flash artists over the last nearly two decades draw this arc. Porter drew so many key Wally West stories and with Flash War so strongly tied to Wally’s run as The Flash, this is beautiful symmetry. Porter hasn’t lost anything and these pages look just as crisp and clean as his work back in 2004. Hi-Fi’s colors are gorgeous with a mesmerizing blend of reds and yellows.

Beyond Flashpoint, Williamson even throws in a nod to Crisis on Infinite Earths in shocking fashion. I really questioned how Flash War could work, but Williamson has made it so sensible it kind of had to happen. With the hype of Bendis on Superman, the Batman/Catwoman wedding and the revamped Justice League books, don’t miss out on Flash War as it’s delivering some of the best reads in DC right now.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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