DC Comics reviews for 6/13/18

The Immortal Men #3


James Tynion IV has earned enough goodwill to be patient with the deliberate pacing on Immortal Men. This issue is where that patience finally pays off.

One of the strength’s of Tynion’s Detective Comics run was the time he spent on character development and relationship building. In some ways it didn’t matter who Batman’s team faced since the book was more about how the characters we’d invested in handled the situations.

In the first two issues, Tynion took a situation over character approach making it challenging to care about anything. Using issue 3 as more of a cool down/team introduction made a major difference. Tynion had a welcome surprise with Ghost Fist that I won’t spoil here. But I really, really liked the makeup of the team after Tynion provided just a little insight into them. And with The Batman Who Laughs as a primary antagonist, this book’s potential is starting to come through.

Ryan Benjamin’s low-key Jim Lee homage art style is solid. It’s funny to some extent that DC found an artist who could channel Lee since he didn’t have some lengthy stint on the book. No knock on Benjamin whose pages are very reminiscent of that 90s Image Comics look. It probably doesn’t help that Lee’s costume designs particularly for the villains seems a bit dated/nostalgic these days.

After the first two issues, the pacing had me thinking this would be better read in a trade format, but Tynion and Benjamin accomplish a lot on their third attempt. I’m interested in seeing where this book is going to go as opposed to patiently waiting to discover a reason to truly get invested in this title.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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