Supergirl: Not Kansas review S3 E21

Whoa, did that deescalate quickly. Not Kansas managed to find all the rails to go off of in one episode. That’s pretty impressive.

That big Reign/Supergirl showdown lasted slightly longer than CM Punk in his last UFC fight. Reign would have beaten both Supergirl and Mon-El if it wasn’t for that pesky cape trick! Lena’s gamble worked and Reign leaves Sam’s body. Talk about an unsatisfying resolution.

With her villain taken care of and three episodes to go, Supergirl has to go track down some new trouble. She’s decided to stay on Argo City for a while or a mini sabbatical. Everyone’s acting like she’s going away for months instead of a few days so it’s hard to figure out.


Naturally, the writers forget they’ve introduced Superman or no one bothered to think Superman would care his aunt is alive. Or that other Kryptonians exist. That’s really not a small thing to overlook. Just a simple line saying he’s off planet and couldn’t be contacted would suffice. Hey, what’s Mon-El going to do? Follow Kara of course. Forget that ridiculously understanding wife back in the future.

Kara quickly finds trouble as she’s convinced there’s a woman stalking her. Fortunately, Kara’s best friend Thara (Esme Bianco, Game of Thrones) can investigate and figure out what’s happening. In the interim, Mon-El puts a (Legion) ring on it. Please someone help let the writers know this is such an awful look. Oh no, Mon-El and Kara both expressing their love for each other is even worse.

While she was eventually proven right, I’m not a huge fan of Kara’s overly aggressive attitude to the woman stalking her. It’s one of those cases where Kara comes off terrible and like a bully. In a highly questionable bit of villain monologue-ing, the woman explains she and her crew are working with Selena and not everything is as it seems. But it’s too late to cause a problem since Selena took Kara’s ship and is heading to Earth. That’s about as stupid as the Fear the Walking Dead crew losing track of their boat. Did Mon-El forget to take the keys?

This doesn’t seem to sit well with Sam as she seems to be triggered while watching Singing in the Rain. Probably too soon, Sam.

supergirl not kansas - winn and james

Supergirl is never good about tackling contemporary issues. The writing is always clunky and the resolutions come off so cheap as if it really could be that easy. Not Kansas brought back the gun rights issue with a disgruntled employee using converted DEO machine guns to try and shoot up his old office. Not shockingly, the most mature and adult discussion comes from James and Lena as they disagree, but are willing to listen to each other’s points.

After a little imploring from James, J’onn talks the gunman down though I’m 100% positive his life is wrecked for shooting at a cop, J’onn.

Feeling motivated, J’onn makes a big decision and bans guns from the DEO. This was ludicrous on so many levels. First, the DEO is as effective as limp noodles against anyone guns or no guns so banning them is a token gesture. The DEO should have long ago been using advanced alien technology, but hey, they didn’t have the Catco IT guy on staff earlier. My big question: which of these disgruntled DEO agents is going to sell out Supergirl’s identity when their bills come due?

supergirl not kansas - winn, alex and j'onn

J’onn has some other issues as his dad is experiencing some brief moments of lucidity before his pending death. Despite a compelling argument that time is running out, J’onn wants to wait. That makes sense, but these shows so often have characters disagreeing with each other just for the sake of it.

I love how Alex was drinking away tears sobbing over Maggie earlier this season and now is doing the same over Ruby. But like most people, Alex comes up with a perfectly sensible solution while she’s drinking. She’s going to adopt.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW