Funko Pop GI Joe Roadblock figure review No. 45

Roadblock was always one of the coolest GI Joes to me. Whether toting his big heavy machine gun to knock out Rattlers in the comics or rhyming in the cartoon, Roadblock was the man. While my favorite Joe, Flint, hasn’t made the cut for a Funko Pop figure yet, I was more than happy to kick start my GI Joe collection with the team’s chef.  


Packaging:  I think the Joe package accents might be my favorite. It’s the simple element like adding that recognizable GI Joe package explosion pattern. The red, yellow and black really stand out and looks like the original presentation of Joe figures.

 funko pop gi joe roadblock figure review -package top

Likeness:  This is pretty much exactly what I envisioned for a Pop take on Roadblock. This translation to the format was one of the first figures that really got me interested in collecting the line.

funko pop gi joe roadblock figure review -front

I appreciate the focus on the toy and comic book version specifically Roadblock holding his big 50 cal. There’s some impressive detail on that as well as the now expected focus on the essential elements of the character like the grenade on the right strap and machine gun clip.


I wish Funko scaled Roadblock up a bit to make him taller than the standard figure. In the cartoon, Roadblock was the same size as the others, but stood nearly a head taller in the comics, which is my preference.

 funko pop gi joe roadblock figure review - rear

Paint:  I’m blanking on the inspiration for the tan pants as that’s not consistent with any Roadblock outfit. Orange would have been the better choice here, but it’s no big deal. The tank top is appropriately camouflaged and the paintwork looks solid all around. Since that’s not always the case with Pop figures I’ve come to appreciate a good paint job more now.

Worth it?  I got Roadblock for a great price of under $6. If you check Amazon at the right time that’s not too far from the norm. This figure is definitely worth that price tag.

Rating:  9 out of 10

Where to get it?  Amazon has Roadblock on sale now for less than $5.