Supergirl: Make it Reign review S3 E22

Make it Reign earns points for its title. That’s pretty much it. The rest was as confusing and mind-blowing a 44-minutes that I’ve seen all year. Supergirl has always played fast and loose with its established rules from episode to episode, but this was the first where it discarded them within an episode.

From the three witches, magic belts, Kryptonite bullets, Super Alex and inconsistent heat vision this episode was packed with WTF moments. Most of which left my head hurting. I feel like this episode might make more sense to break down by the various brain taxing moments.

Selena may have left Argo City, but she left a means of communicating via a crystal. That reminds Mon-El that there’s a similar crystal at STAR Labs. How’s the new guy remembering this though? In a weird scene, Kara has to talk through an Alura image to communicate with Winn. That’s the good news. The bad news? The witches are back in town.

The three witches arrive at STAR Labs attracted to Reign’s blood. They were going to use to resurrect Reign, who was now separated from Sam, although they still share a symbiotic bond. This increasingly makes Alex, Lena and Kara amazingly negligent in not running another battery of tests to make sure Sam was fine before letting her leave.

Winn’s worked up a magic super shield belt that’s good enough to withstand a full on heat vision blast. But not the concussive force? Some genius. The witches are casually using heat vision, but apparently are awful with it as none of the DEO crew is even getting scorched. We should at least see some singes and burn marks.

supergirl make it reign review - alex

Who needs Supergirl when we’ve got Super Alex?Alex uses her Kryptonite bullets and fragments to beat down two of the witches. Demos makes off with Reign’s blood and doesn’t immediately shatter it. I’m sure there’s a pretty good reason for that decision. Supergirl, Mon-El and Alura trick the third witch into teleporting them back home to save the day.

Except for Demos. After he tosses Supergirl the blood vials, the witches kill him with their heat vision. Mind you, Supergirl and Mon-El watch this instead of actually stopping them. And Winn’s super belt doesn’t work against three heat vision blasts at once.


The important thing is they’ve got the blood. Until Supergirl tries to make a show of destroying it and tosses it at Selena before turning her heat vision on it. In what universe would that make sense??? It’s a vial of blood. Use your super strength and crush it. Or drop it on the floor and smash it. Everything was going so much better when Alex was fighting these guys. Man it’s too bad J’onn barred guns as machine guns with Kyptonite bullets might have saved the day.

But if Supergirl did the sensible thing, Selena couldn’t use a magic knife to cut herself and release the blood she’d trapped in her hand. What? This show is running away from logic at a tremendously impressive rate. The blood droplets are enough to revive Reign, who travels to the Earth’s core to start the terraforming.

supergirl make it reign review - erica durance as alura zor-el

While it was no doubt a very poignant moment seeing J’onn prepare to send his father off, the timing felt weird. This seemed like the kind of subplot resolution that would occur much earlier not in the waning moments of the season.

With one episode left, it’s time for Supergirl to stop Reign once and for all. She’s definitely going to need Sam’s help as she goes back to the void to confront Reign on the astral plane.

Make it Reign had a ton of inconsistencies and truly dumb decisions from the main characters as we head to the season finale. This season can’t end fast enough at this point.

Rating: 3 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW