Gal Gadot drops 1st look at Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984

People gripe about the DC movie universe a lot, but one thing it doesn’t get credit for is costume consistency. It what simply seemed to be a means to sell more toys, comic book films seemingly randomly change the costumes. Gal Gadot revealed on Twitter the first look at Wonder Woman in costume for Wonder Woman 1984. And fortunately, that fantastic translation of the outfit we initially saw largely remains intact.



Maybe someone who’s studied the costume inch by inch can point out the differences, but this looks like the exact same costume. I was wondering if the outfit would be modified to be more reflective of how Wonder Woman looked in the comics in the 80s. Maybe with a brighter color scheme or tiara that turns upwards? I’m glad it retains the look we’ve seen in three films so far.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the costume designers will whip up Cheetah’s costume. There’s lots of ways they could go with it so it’ll be interesting to see which interpretation they will use.

Photo Credit: Gal Gadot Twitter