Invincible cartoon series coming to Amazon

Image Comics consistently puts out books that would translate well to other medium. But few have seemed as obvious for a big screen or small screen treatment as Robert Kirkman’s Invincible. I’m still amazed McFarlane Toys hasn’t just gone all in with a line on this long running series.

THR reports that Invincible will finally be getting a TV treatment via Amazon. In the best news of the deal, the eight 60-minute episodes won’t shy away from the graphic violence of the comic.

This cartoon series is actually well-timed since Kirkman wrapped Invincible at 144 issues in February. It was easily one of my favorite non-DC or Marvel projects in the last two decades. I’m pretty excited about the series drawing a new fan base as it was a much needed fresh take on the traditional superhero comic.


I can’t imagine this will end with just one season and there’s plenty of great, surprising stories to pull from for a series.

THR also states this won’t be the only collaboration with Kirkman and Amazon. He’s got a few other projects that would make for good live-action or animated series.

Photo Credit: Image Comics