DC Comics reviews for 6/20/18

Justice League #2

justice league 2

No sophomore slump here as Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez take Justice League to another crazy level. While the Justice league makes a recruitment pitch, Lex Luthor is prepping the Legion of Doom for its first mission.

I’m enjoying the narration as well as it’s a departure from the typical comic book presentation. We get some back story on Luthor’s quest for truth in addition to some useful history on John Stewart and Martian Manhunter. Snyder is already showing a refreshing comprehension of the characters specifically how they should bounce off each other. The Flash good-naturedly pushes to join a mission and Hawkgirl isn’t being saddled with the new teammate treatment.


Jimenez has dazzled on Superman and Super Sons so I’m glad to see his work on another high profile title. He’s got such a great flair for vibrant layouts that regular conversations have a lively energy to them. Jimenez also delivers on the big action sequences. One of the cool aspects so far is that Snyder seems to be tailoring the issues to his artists’ strengths. He could make this issue more crammed with dialogue and action as he knew Jimenez could handle it. Alejandro Sanchez’s colors are fantastic and hit the right hue and shades for the costumes and characters.

I’m really feeling good about the future of the Justice League now as the book feels like a mini must-read event every issue. I;m ready for the latest one in two more weeks.

Rating: 10 out of 10