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Hit-Girl #5 review – new creative team, same crazy destruction

Jeff Lemire might be coming onboard to the title, but Hit-Girl #5 proves there’s absolutely no drop off in the carnage. Or body count.

After her fun in Colombia, Mindy’s path of violence takes her to Canada where her current position is being caught in a bear trap. Mindy clearly knows there’s only one way out, but even for someone as unhinged and accustomed to violence, losing her foot isn’t a great choice.

This gives Lemire a great opportunity for Mindy to reflect on how she found herself in this predicament. Or specifically, tracking down her next mark by unleashing some massive destruction on his pals in a sports bar. Don’t worry about Lemire missing the opportunity to take advantage of all the various sports-theme ways Mindy could go on a killing spree.

hit-girl #5 interior art

Eduardo Risso also joins the fray as the new artist. Risso’s artwork is very smooth. Ricardo Lopez Ortiz had a very wild and electric style that fit the character’s personality. Risso has a different take that’s more of a classical style, but it works just as well. The panels are cleaner and there’s not as many distractions from the characters without having blank backgrounds.

Patricia Mulvihill’s colors are gorgeous and really contribute a lot to how stellar the artwork looks.


Lemire also incorporated some Big Daddy flashbacks, which was a nice touch and hopefully something he’ll explore further. Mark Millar might not be writing the title any more, but Hit-Girl is in great hands and I’m looking forward to seeing how crazy this Canadian road trip will get.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics