Luke Cage: If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right review S2 E8

A trend has developed in this season where really strong eventful episodes typically are followed up with a slower-paced one. If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right wasn’t a bad episode and as always had some good moments, but at this point of the season we don’t need many more slow burning outings.

Give Mariah this — she’s unstoppable and won’t stay down even if she loses everything. She’s still carrying on airs to Luke and Misty as if she’s still got the high ground.

With Riddenhour dead and Misty’s paperwork unprocessed, she’s the highest ranking officer. Misty has had a very unpredictable journey this season. She’s starting to see the benefit of operating outside the rulebook like Cage, but her sense of duty and obligation keeps pulling her back. It was also nice to see Nandi and Misty end their icy feud. After their boss died there was no place for it.

Misty quickly connects the dots that Comanche was Riddenhour’s snitch and that Shades killed him. Shades was uncharacteristically sloppy in how he killed Comanche and lacked his usual precision. It was pretty hilarious how fast Ben Donovan bailed on Mariah and Shades after learning they couldn’t pay him. Donovan is shady, but even for him it was awful how he switched to Team Bushmaster. Follow the money indeed.


Shades is back to his cold and calculated self. After giving Mariah a reality check, he’s ready to make moves against Bushmaster and tails his uncle. On paper this is a perfectly logical move, but this is Bushmaster’s closest family member and harming him is going to set Bushmaster off. Shades won’t survive the season if he’s the one that pulls the trigger.

Bushmaster has to clean up his own sloppy mess and puts out a bounty on Mariah, Tilda, Cage and his allies. In Luke’s case, that’s basically now just The Rev since Misty is more than capable of protecting herself. Our favorite Yardie has another problem as the Nightshade he used to grant him special powers is causing an averse reaction. And Tilda thinks she can whip up a potion to counter Bushmaster’s powers. Luke will definitely need that or just fight Bushmaster on low ground in their rematch.

luke cage if it ain’t rough, it ain’t right -misty knight

Before she can whip that up, Bushmaster’s men shoot up her place. Luke and Misty save Mariah and Tilda again, but even Luke realizes he can’t keep everyone safe by himself. Swallowing his pride, Luke asks Misty for Danny’s phone number. It’s time to call in a favor.

I know Danny Rand aka Iron Fist is everyone’s least favorite Marvel Netflix character, but I am ecstatic of the prospect of the Heroes for Hire squad uniting this season. Cage and Danny played off each other well in Defenders and this is the ideal point in the season for another team-up.

If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right was the least eventful episode this season, but it set in motion some exciting developments for next episode.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix