Luke Cage: On and On review S2 E7

After a pair of somewhat slower paced episodes, On and On delivered another sensational installment with some major developments making for one of the season’s best yet.

Cage can swim and made it back to Rev’s church before passing out. Piranha decided to be a moron and left making it easy for him to get picked up by Bushmaster’s goons. If Piranha wasn’t written so impulsive earlier this would have been the most moronic decision anyone has made in the entire series.

Captain Riddenhour tries to get Misty to reconsider leaving the department. Or at least get her to help keep Cage out of his way.

As Misty tends to go left when people tell her to go right, she teams up with Cage to find Piranha. Mike Colter and Simone Missick have awesome chemistry as vigilante partners. I loved the ‘who said you’re not my sidekick?’ and the meta ‘it’s my show’ response. The Cage/Bionic Misty beat down of Stylers was a fun fight scene. I remain impressed with the various ways the directors/writers come up with ways for Cage to incapacitate bad guys. Not too shockingly, they find Piranha and because Bushmaster appreciates the irony, he decapitated him and placed him in a piranha tank.

luke cage on and on review - misty and luke fighting

With Mariah focused on finding Piranha and the mole in her organization, Comanche knows she’s about to flip. He tosses Sugar under the bus to Shades and they both have a laugh about crying watching This Is Us. It would have been too cute to have Bobby Fish walk by at that moment, but I liked the joke.

Riddenhour proposes a deal to Mariah and vaguely makes a reference suggesting he’s Tilda’s father. Yikes. That’s messy. With the access codes from Piranha, Bushmaster cleans out Mariah’s account and possession of Harlem’s Paradise. This sends the smartest woman in the room panicking knowing she’s next on the hit list.

Shades has always been able to see multiple angles so he’s disappointed in himself for not recognizing Comanche was a rat. And a terrible liar. Comanche tried to save face by killing Riddenhour, but Shades wasn’t biting and killed his best friend. I like how the show goes against the normal train of thought that Riddenhour had to survive long enough to talk to Tilda. Now, she’ll keep thinking her father was Jackson Dillard.

Poor Misty is this close to finally making a love connection or at least a one night fling when Bailey gets the news about Riddenhour. Misty never gets to have any coffee on this show.

On and On closed out with two exceptionally well performed scenes. The quieter one featured Cage and The Rev slowly making some headway in repairing their relationship and learning to forgive each other. In the other, Bushmaster invaded Mariah’s home and explained his hatred for the Stokes and the tragic death of his mother.

In one of the coldest scenes we’ve gotten so far, Bushmaster allowed Tilda to go free to see if she was a better daughter than he was a son. So many of the characters this season have been affected by childhood memories and the failures of their families. It’s making for a nice connection for everyone.

luke cage on and on review -bushmaster

Bushmaster’s triumphant seizure of Harlem’s Paradise was a great scene and after learning the backstory, a well-deserved moment for the villain.

But Bushmaster made a fatal villain error in leaving Mariah to die instead of ensuring her death. Luke manages to save both Tilda and Mariah. As defiant as ever, just before passing out from smoke inhalation, Mariah says she wants to hire Cage.

On and On was a really great episode and left me eager to see how the second half of the season is going to play out.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Lee/Netflix