Luke Cage: The Main Ingredient review S2 E10

Wow. Clearly we’re at the no turning back stage of this season. The Main Ingredient was another home run with some major fan service and a firm declaration of war.

Let’s handle the fun stuff first. I didn’t hate Iron Fist as much as most, but thought the writing didn’t do star Finn Jones any favors. Jones acquitted himself better in The Defenders so I was looking forward to his appearance in Cage’s second season. From his first line, Jones finally seems fully comfortable in the role of Danny Rand. He’s got the right amount of swagger and is actually fun. Maybe it’s just that he’s truly at his best playing opposite Mike Colter?

The Main Ingredient did little to sway me from thinking a Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist season needs to happen. I’d gladly switch out Defenders Season 2 for that in a heartbeat.

I love DW’s marketing attempts with the Power Man yellow and Sweet Christmas sweatshirts. Danny arrived to help Luke after the mess at his building last episode. The Marvel Netflix series rarely feel too beholden to the comic book source material, but the writers truly get the tone of the Power Man/Iron Fist dynamic. DW even makes a reference that Power Man & Iron Fist has a nice ring to it.

luke cage the main ingredient review - mariah

After a round of meditation, which made for a great visual, Luke figures Bushmaster went to Mother’s Touch. Danny correctly theorizes that Bushmaster is losing his mind. Following an unproductive encounter with Mariah, Danny tries to help Luke focus his chi. I’m loving every moment of their interaction and only am a little mad that Danny hadn’t shown up sooner. Iron Fist at times felt a bit corny, but having Luke Cage bounce off him helps balance the magical mumbo jumbo out beautifully.

In case we needed anything else to make this episode one of the best this season, we get our obligatory Turk appearance. He tips them off to the weed yard where Bushmaster is trying to harvest more Nightshade. Cue up the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s time for a fight! There hasn’t been a bad Cage team-up fight scene yet and this was probably my favorite just for the creative combo moves utilized. Along with some funky lighting to help showcase Danny’s Iron Fist this was a fun action scene.

Just as entertaining was their post-fight meal at Cage’s old landlord’s restaurant. I dig all these callbacks from last season. In this brief appearance I’m already much more excited about Season 2 of Iron Fist. Hopefully, Colter will return the favor and show up for at least one episode.

Misty gets suspicious about Nandi’s absence and after some digging, finds she observed her chat with Ridley and rolled to Harlem’s Paradise. Nandi tried to get a flight out of town, but didn’t bother trying to lie. She wanted Mariah to face justice for her role in killing Riddenhouse and was OK getting some extra dollars too.  Ridley continues to be impressed and wants to make Misty head of the police department. Mam, as much as I want Misty and Colleen to form their own P.I. firm, this really makes a lot of sense.

luke cage the main ingredient review - jade wu, finn jones and mike colter

With Bushmaster’s uncle in tow, Mariah leads her crew to Bushmaster’s family restaurant. Sugar wants no parts of this and walks off. He’s the smart one.  Stephanie, the mole inside Mariah’s office begs for mercy from Mrs. Dillard, but Mariah corrects her and says her name is Mariah Stokes. Bushmaster was right…

Mariah has her men kill everyone including his cousin and aunt before burning his uncle alive. Mariah has always been on the fringe of bad things, but this was the first truly evil thing she’s done in two seasons. It was so bad that Shades was uncomfortable and seems to be walking away like Sugar did earlier. As much as I’ve loved the character, I’m firmly Team Bushmaster now so he can get some payback.

The Main Ingredient was a lot of fun thanks to the Power Man and Iron Fist focus while also showing the dark side of Mariah Stokes.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Lee/Netflix