Luke Cage: Wig Out review S2 E3

Wig Out was such a great episode of Luke Cage my only concern is it’s going to take a lot to top it. With 10 more episodes to go peaking this early could be a problem, but this was an exceptionally strong episode. I’m enjoying the pacing so far this season as so much has already happened and it’s just really getting started.

Staring across at Cockroach’s battered and bruised body and his terrified family, Luke understands he messed up. But looking at the bruises on his baby momma and son, Luke isn’t feeling much sympathy.

More than Cockroach’s condition, Luke’s attitude concerns Claire the most. She’s worried he’s starting to enjoy being the exterminator. Every subsequent turns to a more heated argument.

In keeping with their actions so far in the season, Claire wants to talk, and Luke wants to bust more heads.

For Claire, that comes in a very well-done scene with The Rev. Luke might see him as a monster, but Claire sees him as a warm, inviting figure.

luke cage wig out - the rev and claire

With Arturo and Cockroach off the board, Luke goes to the last potential bidder for Mariah’s operations – Nigel. Luke is unaware of Nigel’s current condition – specifically his head in a payoff bag to Shades courtesy of Bushmaster.

In what’s become a very entertaining running joke, several of the Yardies tell Luke he’s not as fast as Usain Bolt.

Bushmaster is starting to tire of hearing about Cage. He knows Harlem will never be his while Cage has its heart. For now, he’ll focus on the more pressing concern Mariah Stokes. Clearly, the Stokes family did Bushmaster’s crew harm as he quickly corrects everyone who uses her married name.

luke cage wig out -mariah and tilda

Whatever name she needs, Mariah will make it work. She’s pulling off some big moves here as she opens a new single mother support center, shouting out Howard University right down to the Quad, making headway with Tilda and her big power play to acquire the Atrium stock. Just in case the CEO had concerns about handing over his company, Mariah has a ton of blackmail photos of him with her minion, Stephanie (Tarah Rodgers).

In one of the biggest bits of fan service we’ve gotten from the Marvel Netflix wing, Wig Out featured some quality Daughters of the Dragon moments. Misty had a training session with Colleen, who wanted no parts of Misty’s pity party. Unwinding at the bar —complete with red and white jumpsuits in a direct nod to their comic book outfits — we get a bar fight! After watching Misty deal with doubt, anger and grief over losing her arm, watching her get her fighting mojo back made for easily the most satisfying fight scene so far this season.

luke cage wig out - colleen and misty

Not to be outdone, Luke hits up the Yardie hangout and has his first confrontation with Bushmaster. Feeling confident now, Luke warns Bushmaster that Harlem is his yard, prompting the perfect response about talking about a yard to a Yardie. After humiliating Bushmaster’s goons, Luke is feeling himself now. As he tells Claire, he might be rough, but he’s still a hero.

Only problem is Bushmaster’s boy was recording the fight to give Bushmaster a scouting report. And Stephanie is his cousin and Mariah has no clue.

Man, that argument with Luke and Claire argument was intense! I can’t think of a better acted scene on a Marvel Netflix show. Maybe a Kingpin moment on Daredevil or some of the Micro/Punisher scenes on The Punisher, but this doesn’t have much competition. Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson were great all episode and this scene truly felt like the boiling point of their perspectives.

luke cage wig out -bushmaster

This was very well written as both sides were presented in a way that made sense and the emotions felt raw and real. The episode really could have ended with Claire needing a break, but to cement its status as one of Cage’s best episodes, Bushmaster sucker punches Luke and reminds him this isn’t his yard. The only reason I didn’t immediately rush to the next episode was to write this up. Now that that’s done, it’s back to binging and seeing how Wig Out can possibly be topped.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix