Gideon Falls #4 review

Gideon Falls #4 is yet another haunting, twisted and highly engaging read that provides just enough to keep me hooked and ready for the next issue.

Writer Jeff Lemire unfolds just enough to keep readers on the hook and throwing in at least one shocking twist we don’t see coming. The characterization here is top notch with everyone behaving in a realistic manner.

Father Fred gets some valuable backstory on the Black Barn from Doc Sutton. Although he’s not quite sure what’s going on, Fred isn’t ready to take Sutton’s story as gospel.


I appreciate the irony of Father Fred having trouble believing in something he can’t see. After seeing some of the sights he’s seen and recognizes that something isn’t right, it’s time for him to start trusting his instincts. Even if they don’t make a lot of sense just yet.

That made Norton’s subplot more rewarding this issue as Xu has come around. And while Norton might have some mental issues, Xu can’t ignore the truth any longer — she’s seeing the Black Barn and getting premonitions of awful events. Even worse for Xu is the growing concern that now something is wrong with her as well.

gideon falls #4 interior art

Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork is so captivating. There’s something hypnotic about the page layouts that makes me feel sucked in and a part of what’s happening as opposed to just reading it. Sorrentino mixes up perspectives enough to keep the presentation fresh while frequently shooting the action as if the reader is right in the moment.

I’m hooked on this book. Gideon Falls #4 was another addictive dose of one of comic’s best dark mysteries on the stands today.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics