DC Comics reviews for 6/27/18

The Flash #49

the flash #49

With two Flashes threatening to destroy the Speed Force and the fabric of the multiverse, it’s up to their friends to try and stop the Flash War.

In another killer installment, writer Joshua Williamson crafts a purposeful guest appearance heavy issue that addresses a few DC universe theories. Like if Superman could really catch up to Flash with a head start or if Hal Jordan has enough willpower to slow Flash’s momentum.

I really appreciated how Williamson made sure Flash War incorporated other events in DC like the formation of a new Titans team. It was a brief sentence, but it’s the kind of attention to detail that prevents readers from having to guess when the story is taking place.

In addition to these strong character moments, Williamson reveals Zoom’s true agenda and its impact on the Speed Force itself.

Howard Porter’s art with Hi-Fi’s coloring remains a winning combination. It was great seeing the former JLA artist tackling the whole team again. Porter got to unleash with some tremendous scenes this issue making for a stunning looking chapter.

It’s not getting a lot better than The Flash War right now. With a very personal story mixed with breathtaking action, this is an event delivering on all fronts even before this issue’s twist cliffhanger.

Rating: 10 out of 10