DC Comics reviews for 6/27/18

The Terrifics #5

the terrifics #5

I really like this book. We’re five issues in and The Terrifics feels like it’s been around for years. This is a comic that magnificently captures that old school Silver Age feeling without coming across dated. Writer Jeff Lemire correctly bets on the characters keeping readers intrigued and hooked on the title instead of flashy action sequences and big shocking twists.

This issue finds the team dealing with some personal issues. For Plastic Man, that’s the family he’d inadvertently left behind, Metamorpho questions Sapphire’s commitment level to their relationship and Mr. Terrific gets emotional? Lemire hasn’t needed 24 issues to really dive into the characters and establish a strong foundation of their personalities. The characters are connecting and it’s easy to get invested in their plight as a team and individuals.

Lemire does understand that readers want a little action in their comic book and conjurers up an interesting adversary that has very close ties to the team. If Lemire plays up some storylines from the past this could make for a very cool arc that ties in nicely to existing DC continuity.

I’m really hoping Doc Shaner won’t be out of the artist rotation on the book even after Dale Eaglesham comes on board. Shaner’s throwback style can work on any title, but it seems especially fitting on this title. Eaglesham is another great artistic choice after his runs on Justice Society and Fantastic Four in particular so the quality art won’t have a drop off, but I’m enjoying Shaner’s work while we’ve got it. Shaner’s style is deceptively simple, but makes for such effective storytelling. 

The Terrifics continue to live up to their name with some of the best blends of character building, strong art and exciting adventures. If you’re not reading this, stop missing out and get in on the fun ASAP.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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