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WWE Elite 63-65 lineups reveal 1st ever Ronda Rousey, Eric Young

Figure news on WWE Elites has been slow lately, but the new lineups for WWE Elite 63-65 have finally been leaked thanks to IG user wweplasticaddict. There’s not much reason to be excited if you’re a Flashback collector but there are several first time in the line offerings. Not too shockingly, Mattel and WWE fast tracked a Rowdy Ronda Rousey figure. And we’ve also got the new WrestleMania 35 Elite offerings too.


WWE Elite 63

Dean Ambrose

Dusty Rhodes


Sami Zayn

Shelton Benjamin

Shinsuke Nakamura

wwe shelton benjamin

Verdict: Benjamin seems like the only must-buy in this assortment. I’m not sure what Mattel would do differently with a Dusty Rhodes figure, but if they made a 1985-era fluffier head sculpt and different color boots I’d be on board. I wish there was a Nikita Koloff to pair up with Dusty though. Dean Ambrose figures were some of the last ones standing at Toys R Us even with clearance prices. Nakamura, Kane and Zayn don’t seem especially interesting either.


WWE Elite 64

Curt Hawkins

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso

Wrestlemania 33 - John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella

John Cena

Samoa Joe

Seth Rollins

Verdict: I could be interested in grabbing the Usos although their last Elite figures were pretty sweet. Cena depends largely on if he comes with a cloth T-shirt. Rollins is in need of a better head sculpt and an attire based on his current solo run. Maybe by the time his figure comes out Hawkins will finally have a win?

WWE Elite 65

Aiden English

Eric Young

Nia Jax

Roman Reigns

Ronda Rousey


wwe elimination chamber 2018 - ronda rousey and triple h

Verdict: As a longtime TNA fan, I’m obligated to get a Mattel Eric Young figure. And Sanity is pretty cool too. An updated Rusev and his pal English are worthwhile pickups, but if Mattel’s previous first time female figures are any indication, this Rousey might be the quick cash in version and better ones will soon follow.

WrestleMania 35 Elite

Sasha Banks

Scott Hall

Triple H

The Undertaker

Verdict: This is likely WWE 2002 era nWo Scott Hall, which still isn’t the WrestleMania 10 Razor Ramon Elite collectors have been waiting on. I’ve given up hoping for a 2000 era Triple H, but there’s got to be another Flashback in this set and Undertaker isn’t that exciting an option. Then again, there is this Best of Attitude Era Triple H figure that’s up for pre-order on Amazon...

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