Funko Pop Ryu figure review – Toys R Us exclusive

Whenever I play Street Fighter, I have to start off as Ryu. He’s my dude. Naturally when I started getting into the Street Fighter line of Funko figures I had to begin with the Pop Ryu. Toys R Us had an exclusive pose version so I opted for their take as opposed to the traditional figure. Let’s see if this is worthy of a Hadoken.


Packaging: I like the orange color scheme for the Pop Ryu, who’s listed as No. 192 on the Pop! Games set. The explosion on the side makes me think more of GI Joe than Street Fighter, but it’s intended to convey the KO effect. Street Fighter is one of those lines that could easily sustain a second wave so hopefully these seven aren’t the only ones we’ll get from the franchise.


Likeness:  Like I mentioned earlier, I opted for the TRU variant with the fireball pose instead of the regular hands to the side version. I like the more dynamic stance and since Pop Ryu can’t be posed, this seemed a more fitting look for him. As usual, the sculpting is dead on from the gloves, the hairline and the headband to the cut sleeves and pants. Nobody does this scale better than Funko.

funko pop ryu figure review - wide shot



Paint:  This is a really strong paintjob besides the wonky job on the hair the last place I would expect would have any issues. I loved that Funko made sure that the Pop Ryu had a darker skin tone than say James Bond. I like the focus on the eyebrows as that also captures that signature Street Fighter look.

funko pop ryu figure review - rear view

Typically, I expect white and red to not play nicely as far as paint, but there’s no bleeding or run off whatsoever. It’s wild how some Funko Pops have real spotty paint work while others where I might expect some issues are fine. That’s the case with Ryu and he came out nice and sharp.

funko pop ryu figure review - side shot

Worth it?  Since this was an exclusive, TRU charged a bit more for him even during the clearance run. I grabbed him for $11, which wasn’t awful even though I felt like I was taking the hit for nostalgia.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

With the Funko Pop Ryu, I got exactly what I wanted — a dynamic take on my favorite Street Fighter character. Hard to knock anything on that front.

 funko pop ryu figure review - with storm collectibles ryu

Where to get it?  Unlike some of the other Toys R Us exclusives,  Pop Ryu is available on Amazon.