New Fire Pro Wrestling World trailer breaks down new features

Long before we were subjected to the minor changes made to the WWE video games each year, Fire Pro Wrestling regularly cranked out amazing video games. With gamers regularly sharing formulas on how to make wrestlers from all over the world the game was pretty much timeless. And now with Fire Pro Wrestling World actually featuring most of the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster half the work is done.

The new gameplay trailer breaks down all of the numerous features. I’m glad to see some of the crazier elements like the exploding ring and barbed wire matches are still intact. As well as blood.


I’m pretty excited about the prospect of essentially playing a better NJPW video game than we’ve gotten from WWE in decades. That’s fitting though since the NJPW product is miles ahead of what’s currently going on in the WWE. I loved the little touch of NJPW commentator Kevin Kelly doing the voice over.

Fire Pro Wrestling World will be available for PlayStation 4 and Steam gamers on Aug. 28.

Photo Credit: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.