Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000 Crow and Tom Servo figure reviews

There was no way or reason to do separate reviews for Crow and Tom Servo. These guys were like a doctorate in heckling for me after my masters with Statler & Waldorf. While I await on my favorite curmudgeons to get Pop figures I had to quickly grab Crow and Servo for my growing collection. Mike and Joel would be cool, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a red jumpsuit lying around here somewhere…


Packaging:  The Mystery Science Theater 3000 scheme is prevalent here and it’s nice that Funko can so easily recreate that vibe with the packaging. The back features the iconic MST3K silhouette. It’s kind of interesting that the wording says this if the official merchandise of the Netflix original series. Pretty sure that MST3K existed pre-Netflix, but whatever it takes to get these guys out.

Likeness:  Of the two the Pop format definitely favors Servo. He was stout and stood atop the counters so he just looks shrunken down. The detailing is impressive from the tin foil wrapped-like body to the coil arms, beak and blender appearance. This is definitely Tom Servo.

funko pop crow t. robot and tom servo figure review - detail

Crow had to get worked more into the Pop formula so he’s all head and torso. If the arms moved that could help accomplish some of the signature desk scenes from MST3K. Or maybe even just up in the air as he’s preparing for ‘movie time!’ might have been better. I also think Crow would have been better served with an open mouth expression.


OK, I griped about my issues with the figure, but like Servo, Crow has a staggering amount of detail with sculpted pieces for all the various parts. Crow’s cymbal like torso is also two pieces and his catcher’s mitt type head has the connector pieces just like the show. He’s not perfect, but he is a really well done figure. 

Paint:  Servo has a great shade of metallic red. There’s no problem with the red and white bleeding into one another. Maybe the black base has some smudges, but it’s fine.

Crow’s C3P0’s paint scheme is intact with the right amount of metallic copper, bright yellow eyes and black. There’s faint levels of overspray in the leg panels, but that’s understandable in this scale. I’ve had some Pop figures that weren’t as complicated with worse paint jobs so I’m impressed.

Worth it?  I got these guys at Toys R Us so I was able to take advantage of clearance prices. You can still find them for around $10 each, which is a solid price for these guys.


Rating: 9 out of 10

Tom Servo is a definite winner and great Pop translation. Crow is a little less impressive, but I like him and happy to have both these guys in my collection.

funko pop crow t. robot and tom servo figure review - it's movie time

Where to get it?  Amazon has a decent bundle going right now where you can get these guys for a bit under $20.