10 Best bets WWE Elite Flashbacks for SDCC 18

Slow down WWE figure collectors. Just because the WWE reinstated Hulk Hogan doesn’t mean we’ll see new Hogan figures this week at Comic Con. But there are some Elite Flashbacks that seem like they’ll make some best bets to see this weekend. Here’s the Top 10 most likely options.

Bob Backlund

bob backlund flashback

Mr. Backlund keeps popping up on rumored lineup lists. As one of the remaining fixtures of the New Generation era heels, Backlund makes a lot of sense. And he’s a smart and obvious choice for an alternate head sculpt featuring his younger 70s look.

Sensational Sherri

sensational sherri

Another Flashback Legend we’ve seen reported a lot lately. Sherri is an iconic manager in the glory days of the WWF and in another plus in her favor is she’s the last component of the WrestleMania 7 match between Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage yet to be made in figure form. While the Jakks figure is fine, it’s very likely that Mattel is going to reveal their Elite Flashback take on the Sensational one.

Jeff Jarrett

wwf jeff jarrett

The 2018 Hall of Famer is back in the good graces with WWE…for now. Jarrett’s had a rough few years, but he definitely deserves the Flashback treatment. Ideally Mattel will give Jarrett the Kurt Angle treatment and fast track his main signature looks of the Nashville singer and the Don’t Piss Me Off buzz cut.


goldberg coming through the pyro

Back when Mattel debuted the modern era Goldberg with the Elite Scale Ring, Mattel execs said that would be the only way to get Da Man in 2017. With the new year and Mattel trying to push the SmackDown Elite Scale Ring with Jinder Mahal, now seems the ideal time to release a classic era Goldberg.

Greg Valentine

greg valentine

On the list of WWE Legends in WWE 2K18, there’s three likely candidates that haven’t gotten a figure. The Hammer is one of those. Not that an appearance in a video game is a lock to getting a figure, but here’s some other legends in WWE 2K18: Typhoon, Rikishi, Papa Shango, Larry Zbyszko and Brutus Beefcake.  Valentine also benefits from not being an especially challenging character to make and a secondary release option with his jet black hair for his Rhythm and Blues days.


The Freebirds


The Birds are the other main contingent appearing in WWE 2K18 that haven’t gotten figures yet. It helps that Mattel already released their arch rivals in The Von Erichs. The Freebirds are also arguably the most versatile characters that haven’t been made in figure form. Maybe the one question is how Mattel would release the faction — as a box set with the original three, a tag team with Hayes and Garvin or some weird hybrid?

The Hardy Boyz

wwe hardy boyz 2000

Mattel has cranked out several current day takes on Matt and Jeff, but the odds seem pretty good on them releasing vintage Attitude Era versions of Team Xtreme. Given the Hardys’ knack for getting into challenging positions and Mattel dropping the ball in releasing Attitude Era versions of The Dudley Boyz, they won’t make the same mistake again.

Kama or Kama


Mattel has slowly rolled out the Nation of Domination. But they’ve been just as busy releasing members of The Million Dollar Corporation. Whether the Ultimate Fighting Machine or the proto-Godfather of the Nation, expect to see at least another of Charles Wright’s characters get revealed.

Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff NWA

Every year Mattel seems to surprise us with some completely unexpected releases. This year we’ve already seen King Harley Race, The Red Rooster and JJ Dillon. With the latter, Mattel is banking on NWA/WCW fans buying four figures to build the leader of the Four Horsemen. Given Mattel’s new interest in the mid 80s NWA scene, Koloff seems like a smart bet as he was a major player for that time frame and would make a Dillon figure even more desirable to complete War Games.

Mr. Fuji

mr fuji

There’s only a handful of Golden Age managers left for Mattel to bring Rock n Wrestling era fans. Mr. Fuji is definitely on that shortlist. With peers like Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan already getting the figure treatment, Fuji is due. Mattel probably needs to hurry up and release the classic tuxedo version so they can circle back and get to the bald Yokozuna advisor version later on.

Rey Mysterio

The WWE has been working to bring Mysterio back into the fold full time. It wouldn’t be shocking to see some new classic Rey figures. Mattel made one vintage look in Elite 32, but he’s a guy they could make dozens of and people would still grab them.

Photo Credit: WWE.com