Warner Bros. has its Birds of Prey, but which Batman villain will make their debut?

The Birds of Prey is now ready to take flight with the confirmed characters slated for the film.

The Wrap reports that comic book BOP members Black Canary and The Huntress will be joined by Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya. Interestingly, there’s no mention of Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, who is one of the founders of the group in the comics.

For newcomers, here’s a breakdown of the characters.

black canary

Black Canary is a martial artist who uses her Canary Cry to help take down criminals. She is typically the sole super powered member of the Birds of Prey.


The Huntress is the daughter of a mob boss seeking to atone for her family’s crimes by taking down mafia organizations and criminals.

cassandra cain

Cassandra Cain is one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet, but tends to stay silent. She is at least one the same fighting level as Batman.

renee montoya

Renee Montoya is a Gotham City police detective who also goes beyond the law as the masked crimefighter The Question.

In another bit of interesting news, The Wrap says the villain is a Batman rogue who’s never been in a film before. That takes out most of the heavy hitters including BOP appropriate villain Poison Ivy.

suicide-squad-margot-robbie-harley-quinn-birds of prey

Dr. Hugo Strange could work since he could screw with the BOP on a psychological level, which might be fun seeing the battle of wits with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Mad Hatter could also be another first-time villain that could work and his hypnotism abilities could be used to pit the BOP against one another.

Characters like Clayface, Firefly, Man-Bat, Hush and Victor Zsasz wouldn’t really work as BOP villains either. Though the film could be really fun if Warner Bros. decided to adapt The Long Halloween. The BOP film could then show how the characters bond over the course of a year as they battle The Calendar Man.

black mask

Most likely, the team will face off against Black Mask. He’s a crime lord with the ability to have a ton of goons and cannon fodder for Harley Quinn and pals to take out. Maybe the plot could revolve around Harley teaming with the BOP to get rid of a rival crime boss for The Joker?

Photo Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros. Pictures