WWE Elite 53 The Miz figure review

The Miz has come a long way since being the afterthought WWE champion headlining WrestleMania 27. He’s established himself as a worthy Intercontinental champ and a strong foil to the top tier stars. I hadn’t gotten an Elite Miz figure since way back in Elite 3, but figured a new one was worth it since he’s become a fixture of this modern era.

Packaging:  It’s the same old boring red and grey package scheme. I really should have finished all these older reviews before going to the new package set up as it feels like I’m traveling to the Stone Age.

Likeness:  Mattel has done a nice job getting Miz’s likeness down. This headsculpt captures his smug look perfectly. The part choices are correct so Miz doesn’t look like some body builder and there’s no glaring omissions.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - tight shot

Scale:  At 6’1, The Miz is taller than the 6′ John Cena, 5’8″ Daniel Bryan and just two inches shorter than Roman Reigns. Mattel has Reigns ridiculously out of scale, but The Miz looks just right in scale.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - scale with john cena, roman reigns and dean ambrose


Paint:  Miz wears some colorful and more intricate attires than this basic navy blue. There’s nothing wrong with it necessarily, but I would have liked a flashier color scheme.

No problems with the execution with the Miz logo on the tights, the film strip reel and detailing on the boots. I love the Money Maker on the boot interior. Like I said, it’s not a blow away or complex color scheme, but Mattel got the job done with no issue here.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - yes kicks to daniel bryan

Articulation:  The Miz is a guy whose moveset is handled without any problem under the Elite articulation model. All of his strikes, high impact and submission moves aren’t an issue. The Skull-Crushing Finale is a little more challenging thanks to the lack of a hinged shoulder joint.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - apron kick to dean ambrose

The Miz has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee
  • ankle

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - corner clothesline to john cena

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - skull crushing finale to daniel bryan

Accessories:  The Miz’s jacket was one that needed to be sculpted as it replicating those panels and line work would have been very expensive. Unfortunately, when Mattel used the hard shell like plastic, Miz can’t be posed wearing it at all so it’s just about worthless. I wish Mattel could figure out a better way to make these coats because what they’re doing now is just not working. One positive is at least it’s easier to put on and off compared to some other plastic coats.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - accessories

And in another knock against this set up, Mattel didn’t paint the silver accents and zippers. The jacket looks a lot cooler, but the flat color really makes it look dull.

Additionally, Miz gets his Phantom of the Opera inspired half mask. Thinking about it, there’s no real purpose for why Miz rocked that, but it’s done well and bedazzled out and fits appropriately on Miz’s face.

Worth it?  Despite being an A player in the WWE who doesn’t get a ton of Elite figures, you can track him down for under $15. That’s a better price considering how the uselessness of the accessories.

Rating: 9 out of 10

With a better entrance jacket with any articulation and better detailing, this would have been an Oscar worthy figure for The Miz. It’s still a pretty strong effort.

wwe elite 53 the miz figure review - arms out

Where to get it?  You can get The Miz from Amazon for $13.39. That’s a pretty good deal. He fluctuates between the $13 to $15 range right now. UK readers can order the figure now from 3count.co.uk.

3count.co.uk provided this figure for review

Buy the WWE Elite 53 The Miz figure from Amazon.