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WWE Epic Moments The Shield Reunion Revealed

Easily one of the best parts of the last 12 months for me was The Shield reunion. Because we truly can’t have nice things or because Vince McMahon has awful karma, it didn’t last long due to injuries to 2/3 of The Shield. But for a few months, it was like the old good times of the WWE when The Hounds of Justice were running free.

Mattel loves any and all opportunities to re-release figures, but for the WWE Epic Moments The Shield Reunion set, they did a really nice job. It all starts with the packaging, which is much improved over the usual figure presentation. The flip cover shows Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins posed similar to their signature three fists united pose.

wwe epic moments shield reunion - main picThe Roman Reigns looks to have a new head sculpt. Hopefully this one is better scaled with the Rollins and Ambrose. The current Reigns figures incorrectly tower over his Shield mates.

wwe epic moments shield reunion - seth rollins

And to seal the deal everyone has cloth T-shirts from their solo runs along with The Shield Reunion shirts. I’m a sucker for cloth T-shirts and The Shield is one of my favorite WWE factions so picking up this set is a no-brainer for me.

wwe epic moments shield reunion - seth rollins

There’s no details yet on the retail price, but hopefully it won’t be too much more than the price of three Elite figures.

wwe epic moments shield reunion - dean ambrose

What do you think of the set? Gonna pick it up or wanted to see some more unique figures that haven’t had numerous figures already?

You can pre-order the set from now.

Photo Credit: Mattel