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SDCC 2018: DC Collectibles reveals new DC Essentials

San Diego Comic Con 2018 is just underway and DC Collectibles revealed three new additions to the DC Essentials line.

These reveals probably won’t calm any concerns that Essentials is going to be another DCC line featuring the heavy hitters. And even more so for folks worried this is going to quickly turn into another Batman heavy line.

DC_Essentials_harley quinnDC_Essentials_Batgirl_af_1DC_Essentials_Batgirl_af_1DC_Essentials_nightwing

I’m not loving the Batman focus, but I’m glad to see the new bodies DCC is incorporating into the line. The Joker looks pretty good and it makes sense to release Harley Quinn with him. I’m curious about how Batgirl will scale next to Nightwing, who still looks a bit too bulky.


Hopefully this isn’t all we’ll see from the Essentials line during Comic Con. Ideally, this is just a Batman ‘wave’ and we’ll see more figures that stretch across the DC Universe as a whole.

What do you think of the figures? Impressed enough to buy in to the line or still waiting to see some more new releases before committing?

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles