SDCC 2018: DC Collectibles unveils new Batman: The Animated Series figures

DC Collectibles is breaking out some additions to the Batman: The Animated Series line. I’ve lost track who needed an update in this 6-inch scale, but these new arrivals look great. And to ensure every Bat vehicle is covered, DCC is releasing the Batcycle. I appreciate how devoted DCC has been to this line and incorporating vehicles in this era.

DC Collectibles adds new characters to its fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) action figure line and debut the company’s first-ever Batcycle, as seen in the award-winning TV series. Scaled for 6 action figures, the Batcycle measures 9.25 long and includes a variety of light-up features and two free-spinning wheels that enable the bike to turn. The double-sided display base allows fans to ‘park’ the Batcycle in the Batcave or on the streets of Gotham City.


The Batcyle set will also include one BTAS Batman action figure that features two interchangeable helmet heads, new articulation points that allow the character to ‘ride’ the Batcycle and a poseable cape.

DC Collectibles will also release new individual BTAS action figures in 2019, including Two-Face, Gray Ghost, H.A.R.D.A.C. and Scarecrow. Each character will feature unique accessories based on their appearance in the animated series.

I really like the work done on The Grey Ghost, but all of these new figures look solid. What do you think of the new Animated Series reveals?

Photo Credit: DC Collectibles