Justice Society to debut in DC Universe Stargirl series

Long before DC Rebirth and the New 52, Justice Society of America was one of the top titles in the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe. They’ve been dormant since the start of New 52, but they’re going to make their return in a big way in DC’s streaming service.

During Geoff Johns’ Comic Con Spotlight panel, he announced that his creation, Stargirl, is going to join DC Universe. Like the other five shows, Stargirl will have 13 episodes starting next year. Stargirl is a character near and dear to Johns, who based the character on his sister.


According to Deadline, Stargirl will feature the exploits of teenager Courtney Whitmore as she bands with the JSA. The group will fight villains from the past and present, which sounds like a clever way to incorporate some of the legacy JSA characters like Hourman, Star Spangled Kid and Doctor Mid-Nite. Johns added that the JSA could potentially spin-off into their own series a la Doom Patrol from Titans.

Johns will be the executive producer alongside Sarah Schechter and Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti. The DC Universe streaming service launches this fall. You can pre-order now at $75 and get three extra months. Monthly members will also be available at $7 and will be available on Apple and Android devices, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Photo Credit: DC Universe